Instagram tricks to get the most out of it


We have not dedicated the space he deserves in this Instagram blog, and it’s about time!

 What at first seemed to be a social network of entertainment just for teenagers today has consolidated as one of the great platforms to be considered also by companies and entrepreneurs.

 This network that the beginning was just to share photos and little else, since some time ago it became the property of Marc Zuckerberg (creator of Facebook), is the app with the highest percentage of growth and engagement in recent times.

 Counting an average of more than 600 million active users every month and about 150 million users every day only in its famous Stories.

 It is obvious that both individuals and organizations can not afford to ignore the power that currently has this network, which comes easily to anyone in the world, regardless of age, sex, social class, profession or religion.

 For this it is essential that companies and entrepreneurs are aware of all the tools offered by this platform to make the most of their resources and their characteristics in their favor.

 For this we present below some of the most important tricks of Instagram, that every social media manager must know to do more effectively their work. Some are basic and others will surprise you.

See all the activity of the accounts that you are following

If you want to know what users are doing on Instagram, what they are giving likes or likes, what they are commenting and who else they are following, you can do so by visualizing their recent activity.

 How? Touch the heart icon in the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen to visit the activity tab.

 There is as default option “You” tab, to change it you simply have to change to the tab that says “Followed”, at the top of the screen, and you can start to see everything that your followers do in this network.

Add and manage multiple accounts at the same time

Having two or more Instagram accounts does not mean any problem, it is possible and also very easy.

 Many network managers or community managers do it, or also entrepreneurs who have a more person profile and another more related to their professional activity, without it being necessary to enter and exit constantly to be able to publish, interact or search contents in the different accounts.

 For this, it is only necessary to touch the personal icon of the profile that is located at the bottom of the screen, then touch the icon of the three points (in Android) or the iOS settings (in iPhone). Afterwards, scroll through the menu until you reach “Add Account”, enter the username and password of the second (or third, fourth, etc.) account and go.

After completing these steps, the profile icon in the top bar will automatically change to the profile image of the new account to be managed.

 As of that moment, if you wish to return to the profile of the previous account, it will not be necessary to leave Instagram and re-start session.

 You just have to press the profile image or the user name in the top bar and all the added accounts will appear in a menu. All you have to do is click on the desired account and it is easy to change from one to the other without complications.

 It can also be done through the Hootsuite application.

 In the lower left corner click on “Add a social network”, select the social network you want to add from the list, which in this case will be Instagram and then click on “Connect with Instagram”, where you can enter when you enter and key. When adding more than one account, it is possible to configure tabs to view them easily, as well as to schedule publications (feature that is not native to this network, all this in a single control panel.

Use the biography to generate traffic to a web page

So far, there is only one place on Instagram where you can share links through a click and it’s in the biography.

 That is why it is necessary to make the most of this space to generate traffic to our page or blog, or that of the company or organization. There you can highlight content of all kinds.

 To do so, select the profile icon, then click on the “Edit profile” button and enter the link that you want to share. At the end you have to select “Done” to save the changes.

 This link can be changed whenever we want and through this it is possible to track how much traffic an Instagram profile generates.

Convert to a business profile to get native statistics and create ads

Although it began as a network for the exchange of friendship, the vertiginous growth of Instagram gave rise to the launching of commercial or business profiles, which are obtained through the link with a Facebook page.

 These types of profiles offer many advantages over a personal profile.

 Among the most important are:

 Access to numerous statistics, which will help you to be more assertive in your publications, and

The ability to create and publish advertisements with an effective segmentation of your target audience.How to do it? Here we explain it to you:

 You must click on the icon to see the profile, then go to the icon of settings in iOS or the three points in Android and touch “Options”. There you must select “Change to company profile”. Once this step is completed, click on Continue and a warning will appear asking you to connect to the Facebook page to complete the configuration.

 Once this application is completed, all the information required by Instagram must be completed, including telephone, email, web page and address.

 When finished entering the information is saved and the commercial profile is ready to use

Schedule publications

Although the tool is not yet native to the social network itself, as it happens on Facebook, if you have a complicated or very busy schedule, you do not have to suffer, it is possible to share posts on Instagram leaving them programmed for specific hours.

For this you must resort again to the external Hootsuite application; Next we tell you how to do it easily.

First you need to open Hootsuite and add there the Instagram account that you manage.

To do this you must give access to your account and enter the phone number in which the application is installed.

The second step is to click on “Compose message”, then choose the image or video you want to upload and also add the caption and hashtags you want to use.

Then select the icon of the calendar in which the publication will be scheduled, choosing the date and time in which you want to publish in Instagram.

Through Hootsuite it is also possible to activate the AutoSchedule tool that allows the publication to be done automatically based on the times of greatest interaction in the account.

Receive notifications of publication of specific accounts

If you follow hundreds or thousands of users on Instagram, probably some profiles will interest you much more than others.

If you do not want to miss a post of your favorite accounts or just want to monitor a profile, then you have the possibility to activate the particular notifications and Instagram will notify you every time that user makes a publication.

To do this, you only need to enter the profile of the account you want to receive notifications when you make a new publication.

Then, in the settings icon or the three points at the top of the screen, “Activate notifications” is selected.

If you do not want to continue receiving them, the option “Deactivate notifications” for that account is always available, following the same steps.

Filter by keywords and disable comments

In order to avoid the abuses of the so-called “trolls” and “haters” in social networks, Instagram has long offered the option of comment filter, which allow you to filter your comments by keyword or even deactivate them completely for a particular publication. There are two possibilities, filter or deactivate them.

To filter them you must go to the profile icon, touch the adjustment button or the three points, go to “Options”, then to Comments and there activate the “Hide inappropriate comments”, to hide comments with words or phrases that are considered offensive or inappropriate. Here it is possible to add your own list of keywords to hide in the publications of your account.

To deactivate the comments , the image or video that you want to publish is uploaded following the same steps as always. When you reach the screen where the text and labels are placed, the “Advanced settings” option is activated and “Disable comments” is selected and then published. This can be done individually for each particular publication that we want.

However, Instagram offers the possibility to change this configuration, even in photos or videos that have already been published. It is only necessary to go to the settings icon or the three points on the image and click on “Activate comments”.

Find all the publications that you liked

Although many people do not know, Instagram allows you to see the 300 most recent publications that you gave “Like”. 

This tool can be very useful when you remember having seen an image that interested you, but you do not remember what account it published, when you want to make a summary of your tastes and interests or those of your brand, or just to remember.

How is it possible to do it? Well you only need to go to the settings icon or the three points in the profile, locate “Options” and among them you will see “Publications that you liked”, there you can find them.

Clear search history in an account

Usually with the constant use and interaction in the account, Instagram keeps a history of the searches that are made and in each next consultation shows what was entered more recently. If you want to hide or avoid this data you must delete the history, another tool offered by this platform.

The first thing is to go back to the profile, touch the settings icon or the three points, select “Options” and locate the option that says “Clear search history” at the bottom of the screen. The application will ask if it is safe and must be confirmed before deleting.

Reorder the filters

Instagram has a wide variety of filters to be used in our photos, but what many do not know is that it also allows reordering them according to particular preferences, and even gives the option to hide the filters that are not used, so that each user has faster and more control when making your publications.

When you publish an image, go to the part of the menu that says “Filter”, then you must scroll right to the end and select the option in the “Manage” box.

You must keep pressed the icon of each filter and move them as you want to rearrange your order.

To stop seeing any of them at the time of publication is marked in the circle that is on the side in each filter and if you want to show again repeats the procedure by marking the circle. Finally the configuration is saved and it will be ready for future publications.

Save publications without being seen by everyone

This is another of the little-known tools used by Instagram users. This social network allows you to save publications in a part of the account that is only visible by the user in a private way in the profile.

To do this you must go to the image you want to save, touch the marker icon on the right side below it and it will automatically be saved without the other user being notified. To see all the publications that have been saved, it is necessary to go to the profile and touch the “Saved” tab.