Social Media Marketing - IT Cadet Academy

We will tailor social media marketing strategies specifically designed for your brand and audience . You will be fully supported and all your social media programs will be managed , planning content (and generation), distribution of your blogs and distribution of videos on channels that aim to attract new customers and to increase your profitability .

Our services for social networks give you the opportunity to connect and share information leading to increased awareness of your services, products or just the brand. The results of Social Media Advertising (SMA) are reflected in the number of retweets , actions, comments, likes, and views. The Social Media Marketing (SMM) stimulates the content generated by the user from the social media popular such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn .

Regular monitoring your brand

Our regular monitoring will help you to improve and tracking your company's reputation, and find out how audience perceive your brand.

Content Sharing on social networks

Content sharing on Facebook , Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube can increase your traffic in a very short period time . Our experts marketing team can help you determine the most appropriate type of content and the best platform for increasing your brand value.

Set up and personalization your social profile

We set up and personalization your social media profile with content of quality and design that resonates with your brand and audience.

Maintaining Social Media Platform

Our experts of social media marketing team will manage your accounts on your behalf and interact with your audience regularly.